The subject of the annual holiday is always a thorny one in many households. There can be one half of the family wanting to spend a relaxing week or two in Tuscany Villas whereas others want to take what they deem a more exciting holiday to one of the more unusual or even dangerous parts of the world such as Afghanistan, Iran or Syria.

Those who have already visited some of those places which were once thought of as dangerous or even dodgy, can truly say that many of the places they have been to and people they have met have been real revelations. It is also possible that many people’s lives have been enriched as a result of travelling to such places.

Moscow is one place that many people see as a little dangerous, full of corruption and people running illegal businesses on the side. But if you have the opportunity to spend several months there over the years, you start to realise that every large city has its fair share of villains, but it does not mean that you have to share your time with them.

For tourists Moscow is a wonderful place with great shopping malls, even better restaurants and some really historic and beautiful sights and churches. It is quite possible to spend a fantastic time in the city without encountering a secretive GOV agent or a shifty gang boss!

Another oft-maligned place is Beirut which many people still associate with the war of twenty years ago. While you do still see armed soldiers, the city has changed beyond all recognition and it is one of the hottest holiday destinations according to many travel magazines in the know.

Whilst a standard holiday means that you are erring on the side of caution, it can be good for the soul to experience something that gets your heart rate up. For this reason, of course after some thorough research, it is possible to really enjoy a break in some places often deemed to be ‘on the wild side’.