Afghanistan presidents from the beginning of republican state

Mohammad Daoud Khan

Afghanistan has been republic state between 1973 -1992. During 1992-2001 it was under the Taliban and Mujahideen regimes. From 2001 onward Afghans have experienced transitional Islamic state and Islamic republic of Afghanistan. Before Taliban regime 10 presidents have governed Afghanistan and at sometimes there were two presidents at the country partitioned into central and regional areas.

1.      Mohammad Daoud Khan (1909-1978)

He is the founder of republican system of Afghanistan. He replaced Zahir Shah’s kingship system to republic  in 17 of July 1973 and became the first president of Afghanistan.  Zahir Shah who was king for 40 years left the country and lived in exile in Rome. Five years later Daoud’s regime was replaced by the people’s Democratic Party  on 27 of April 1978 and he was murdered with all his family in the palace.

2.      Abdul Qadir Dagarwal (1944- )

Nur Mohammad Taraki

Become the second president of Afghanistan belonging to people’s Democratic Party on 27th of April 1978 for three days and ended on 30th April 1978. During Abdul Qadir the armed forces of Afghanistan was governing the country. He was also the chairman of revolutionary council. Due to his short term he is not much remembered in the context of Afghanistan history.

3.      Nur Mohammad Taraki (1917-1979)

He also belonged to the people’s Democratic Party and became Afghanistan president on 30 of April 1978. He was killed by his friend Hafizullah Amin and his term of government ended on 14 of September 1979.  Taraki wanted to bring changes to the land reforming system of Afghanistan and social changes in the people way of life through establishing the secularism.

Hafizullah Amin

4.      Hafizullah Amin (1929- 1979)

Amin Became forth president of Afghanistan after murdering his friend Nur Mohammad Taraki. His government started on 14 of September 1979 and ended on 27 of December 1979 by Russian invasion into Afghanistan. Hafizullah Amin was the third president of Afghanistan died at end of his governance. He also belonged to People’s Democratic Party fraction of Khalq.

5.      Babrak Karmal (1929-1996)

Karmal was the fifth president of Afghanistan. He became president on 27 of December 1979 by support of Russians. He belonged to People’s Democratic Party Parcham fraction. He was Afghanistan president for 7 years and his term ended on 24 of November 1986 without being murdered.

Babrak Karmal

6.      Haji Mohammad Chamkani ( 1947-)

Chamkani became Afghanistan president on 24 of November 1986 and was president until 30 of September 1987. He does not belong to People’s Democratic Party of Khalq or Parcham fraction but rather was independent. He was also left alive after ending his term on 30 of September 1987. Chamkani is also not discussed in the context of Afghanistan history as even short term presidents and there is not much information available about him.

7.      Mohammad Najibullah ( 1947-1996)

Najibullah was famous as Dr. Najibullah in Afghanistan. He became Afghanistan president on 30 of November 1987 and left the office on 16 of April 1992. Najibullah was alive since 1996 and living in Kabul. In 1996 when Taliban invaded Kabul he was in UN custody and was hanged with his brother in Kabul city.

Mohammad Najibullah

8.      Abdul Rahim Hatef (1925- )

Abdul Rahim Hatef was the 8th president of Afghanistan who started his work as Afghanistan president on 16 of April 1992 at the end of Dr. Najibullah government. His government ended on 28 of April 1992 after 12 days.

9.      Sibghatullah Mojaddedi ( 1926- Alive)

Sibghatullah Mojaddedi is one of the Afghanistan influential leaders. He became Afghanistan president on 28 of April 1992 and his government ended on 28 of June 1992. Mojaddedi was one of the closest allies of Pakistan during the Russian invasion and he was providing equipments and funds to Mujahidin while he was receiving it from Pakistanis and Arabs.

Sibghatullah Mojaddedi

10.  Burhanuddin Rabbani (1940-2011)

Rabbani became Afghanistan president on 28of June 1992. His government ended with invasion of Taliban in 1996. He was also one of the bridges between Mujahideen and supporters against the Russian invaders. Rabbani was killed by the Taliban on 2011 at his home in Kabul in a suicide attack.

Mullah Mohammad Omar (1959- Alive)

Mullah Mohammad Omar was just a named until his a photo was given into his name. Mullah Omar is

Burhanidin Rabani

blind and he is also known as blind Omar. Omar was the chairman of the supreme council of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan. He was governing Afghanistan between 1996 -2001. His regime started on 27 of September 1996 and ended on 13 of November 2001 by the US invasion and northern alliance of Afghanistan.

Mullah Muhammad Omar

It should be mentioned that Burhanuddin Rabani was also the head of northern alliance of Afghanistan between 1996 -2001 in some parts of Afghanistan. His regime ended on 13 of November 2001. And again from 13 of November 2001 till 22 December 2001 he was the head of Afghanistan governments.


Hamid Karzai (1957- Alive)

Hamid Karzai became the head of Afghanistan transitional state from 22 December 2001 till 7 of December 2004. In 2004 election he was elected as the President of Afghanistan for the first time while Afghanistan system turns to Islamic republic from transitional Islamic state. He becomes the president of Afghanistan for the second time in 2009. His second term of will be finished in 2014.