Get ready for an experience like you have never felt before. So much more fun than good old boring intercourse.

I’m an independent Afghan masseuse specializing in genuine Swedish u and Tantric experiences. I am the perfect woman for those who seek once in a lifetime experience. Whether you seek a relaxing full body massage, a highly sensual experience or a sensual encounter, I will take you on a full-blown, passionate adventure.

When you first meet me you will find me very seductive, intuitive and insightful. People say I shine and I like to believe that I radiate the passion I have inside. I’m petite 5’2″ tall with natural, long, dark hair, green eyes, a small size 6 (US size 0) and classical, delicate features I am constantly referred to as a beauty although to me my most important and outstanding features are my zest for life coupled with my eagerness to discover and learn.

I offer two distinctive types of massage:

  • Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage uses a special gel which is made from deep seaweed and is colourless, tastless, and extremely slippery and smooth. Nuru means slippery in Japanese.
This is a much more intimate and a 2 way massage unlike the Tantric one whereby you are more passive (you are allowed to touch but not like in the Nuru massage!).

I will rub your entire body with the gel and you can help me cover my naked body too! I will then slide on you from all imaginable angles and you can participate as well for a perfect mutual body to body massage.
This is pure pleasure and sensuality in its ultimate form! The feeling of my body gliding over you helped by the extremely smooth lubricant of the nuru gel is a sensation like no other and a LOT of fun for us both!

Please note if booking a Nuru Massage I need to prepare the mattress and the gel so please do state which type of massage you want when booking!

  • Tantric Massage

Tantra is the name given to a style of meditation and ritual. Tantric Sensual practices teach us to to prolong and enhance sensual arousal.

For many, the transcendent potential in Sensual is something that’s experienced only briefly, during the orgasm itself. If you extend arousal and focus on building it (this need not include genital intercourse), you may start to feel this sense of union well before you have an orgasm, and it is likely to last far longer than it would in more conventional lovemaking. So making it last is a means to an end, not an end in itself. If you can stay turned on for a half hour or so, you’re likely to experience the altered state of consciousness that allows you to achieve potent orgasmic energies much more effectively than you would in traditional lovemaking.

As a therapist my aim is to make this a relaxed and prolonged journey that will achive the kind of sensual fulfilment and gratification that is far superior than intercourse.

Nuru or Tantric Sensual Massage: a sensually experience

Giving or receiving a massage is a profoundly sensual experience, you are potentially allowing a stranger to touch, stroke and massage you in ways that you wouldn’t ordinarily experience. An tantric massageĀ in London allows you to experience that sensual touch without fear, just pleasure and enjoyment.

Every part of your body will at some point be touched during the massage (unless you request areas be avoided), using a luxurious aromatherapy massage. My hands will glide over and caress your body… starting on the back of the body with the feet and moving upwards, you will then be asked to turn over where we start with the neck and shoulders and work down the front of the body, including arms, hands and feet.