Proposing A Plan

For too long in history, Afghanistan has been ravaged by invasions, civil wars and Terrorist activities. This atmosphere has disrupted and overturned much of the country’s social and cultural traditions. During the past 7 years, the government of Mr. Karzai has not earned people’s trust. There have been no improvements in the lives of the Afghan people. Due to the lack of social progress there is poverty everywhere you turn, corruption has become a way of life, and no justice exists on any level of the government. This impoverished way of life has helped embolden the Taliban claim that America has done nothing for ordinary Afghan citizens; they are only benefitting the elite of the country. This type of message resonates not only with Afghan adults but also with the younger generations.

Seeing the continued corruption on every level of the government with no hope in sight, they are easily persuaded by the message put forth by the Taliban and they are made to feel as though the Taliban are the only people able to end the corruption and bring social justice to the country. If Afghanistan had honest leaders who would whole-heartedly serve their people, they could utilize the presence of the most influential and generous nation in the world to build a respectable country similar to what was done in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

We propose a plan to setup a small model town or city somewhere in Afghanistan, preferably Kudus or northern part of it which contained diverse populations of Pashtuns, Tajiks and Uzbeks with the established border on one side, and invite thousands of honest and hard working Afghan professionals from outside the country who are members of AFGHAN UNITY ORGANIZATION, ( willing to help, alongside millions of Afghan nationalists who oppose the corrupt government of Mr. Karzai and want to change Afghanistan back to its glorious past. We seek to place these individuals in leadership positions or in a position to be able to advice, assist and audit the leadership within the model city which would run independently from the central government policies. This model city would be known as “The Repatriates District”, and would be built to stand as a symbol of hope that America’s involvement in Afghanistan is positive. This model city will become a true example of prosperity that can be realized by the rest of the country. It is a proven fact that implementing any radical changes or reforms to any society that has long been ravaged by war has to begin from bottom up, village by village, city by city, and province by province, not the other way around.

Our brave military personal uses the same strategy fighting the Taliban, but unfortunately because of the lack of a strong and effective governing body to fill the vacuum and to immediately establish law and order, as soon is our military withdraws the Taliban returns.

There are thousands of Afghans from all walks of life, whether it be business, medical, engineering, land developing, political as well as deep thinkers who become member in AFGHAN UNITY ORGANIZATION and are ready and willing to leave everything, including their families, to help create the foundation of a democracy and be a part of making Afghanistan as successful as it can be for the Afghans who are in dire need of a positive change.

The status quo cannot continue. We have to develop a more decentralized administration for the land and districts of Afghanistan. Decentralization would allow for the West to spread its resources to regional leaders who will compete with each other to advance the cause of peace and development, rather than concentrating resources in the hands of Mr. Karzai and his close circle of supporters who have done little to support the development of their country. By establishing a legitimate government that serves its people, Afghan support for the Taliban regime can be dramatically decreased if not eliminated completely.