Red, White, & Blue

Two American soldiers, in full dress, come your door during the holidays to tell you that your son was slain in Afghanistan fighting for the Red, White & Blue.
On the Afghan/Pakistan Border, you as an Afghan farmer, come running over a hill because of two jets that just flew over your village and you heard several loud explosions and you saw smoke. As come to the top of the hill you see that your house is barn, are basically gone…demolished. You run down, calling for your wife and three children. Nothing to be found but burnt flesh.

When will the fighting in Afghanistan stop? When can we bring our U.S. soldiers home?
The Afghan people need to police their own country. This is not the purpose, nor the job, of the American military. We are to provide assistant to the Afghan people to provide the right support to rebuild their own country to a peaceful result, but no one can’t accomplish this goal as long as current corrupt government and self-interest groups, continue to control the country and take property, money and liberty from their own people.

We need to work with and organization like Afghan Unity, who’s members are not contaminated by the people who are presently running the country. The majority of the Afghan members of the Afghan Unity were born or grew up in the United States, Europe and Canada, who are dedicated to establish the accountability in the Afghan government. We can help them to achieve their real independence, and their success will definitely enable the United States to bring our troops back home in short time.

This is a very critical moment in American history, as is it for Afghanistan. In close to thirty years, the United States and Afghanistan have fought two wars together…first it was the Afghans who bravely fought the Soviet Union in their country with the help of the United States and they succeeded. Unfortunately, the United States decided to prematurely withdraw its support for the Afghans and left the country, which allowed decadent governments to rise, which proved to be a disaster not only for the Afghans but for the United States, as well. It is conceivable that if we would have continued our support after the Afghan-Soviet war in a reconstructive effort, the tragedy of 911 and other terrorist acts that came afterwards could have possibly been avoided. This time we should not make the same mistake, to avoid mistrust, and even more, the hatred, of a select few extremists and others, towards other countries. It’s almost ten years now, that the U.S.A. have spent billions of dollars and the cost of thousands of lives of our brave men and women of our U.S. armed forces. Let alone the countless lives of Afghan military and police personnel. We have accomplished almost nothing. It is time to change our approach…It’s time to help create a civil solution in Afghanistan, along the foundation that the Afghan Unity is proposing. If administered properly by everyone one, it could work. I personally wish them success and give them my moral support.

The world…please, try to use the pen, not the sword, to handle differences. Civil obedience and understanding of others’ religious beliefs and culture is paramount to a relatively peaceful, co-existence in any society. I would encourage all Afghan expatriates to support and become members of this great, democratic organization. God speed, Afghanistan and, Afghan Unity’s progressive approach.